Charismatic, Resilient, Dynamic Maverick ––are just a few of the attributes that embody the drive, vision and passion of Public Relations Architect and Brand Strategist Marvet Britto. As Founder and President of The Britto Agency (TBA), an internationally recognized public relations and brand architecture firm, Ms. Britto has become an unparalleled force in a milieu of sectors, catapulting her burgeoning business into a global publicity, marketing, brand strategy, and event-design powerhouse. Britto has become known for engineering blueprints that position clients for category leadership and help create uncontested market space.

Ms. Britto is renowned for her infectious energy, persuasive charm, raw talent and innate zeal characteristics, which deeply permeate throughout the various endeavors she undertakes. With no formal training in the field, the Connecticut native has utilized the better part of the past two decades to grow her firm from a mere vision to one of the most sought after and undoubtedly recognizable PR and Branding firms in the world. The Britto Agency represents a collective of some of the most venerated brands spanning across a hybrid of disciplines. Today, Marvet Britto, herself, is a global brand revered for her atypical ability to blend insight, passion and intellect into memorable campaigns that enhance the visibility and brand equity of her clients.


The Britto Agency (TBA) is a pioneering, multifaceted public relations, communications and brand architecture firm with the fundamental focus on the composition of a brand. The highly sought-after team is a dynamic powerhouse comprised of compelling publicists, media specialists, event & luxury experience design experts, crisis communication counselors, brand architects and digital media strategists. This carefully selected collective of "Brand Alchemists" and media enthusiasts fully grasp the ever-changing landscape of today's consumer market and the ever-evolving landscape of media. Our account teams are experienced at developing a diverse range of communication solutions from public relations management and brand development to marketing initiatives and global expansions – and a myriad of creative paradigms in between.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles and Dubai, The Britto Agency has become the foremost authority in brand architecture. TBA is the global leader in engineering inventive blueprints and effective message-driven campaigns that spark adoption and drive conversions. We apply our cross-industry expertise to a myriad of disciplines while engaging a solid proprietary process that merges business strategy with our creative flair, resulting in campaigns that amplify the core values, objectives and DNA of a brand.

The Britto Agency offers its clients the highest level of insight, planning and execution for the unparalleled integration of expert campaigns and activations across a multitude of sectors. We launch, reposition, translate and implement our proprietary ideations that move the needle towards growing and broadening brands exponentially. For nearly 20 years, TBA has proven that our people, our passion, and our pledge to elevating the standards of excellence are paramount in the success of growing clients business objectives. Our talent and expertise has been widely recognized and celebrated across an array of noteworthy platforms for its caliber and distinction.

We offer our clients the highest level of methodologies through employing our perceptive, persuasive and personalized brand architecture services and marketing solutions, adding critical volume to each client's natural foundation.

The Britto Agency has an unparalleled record for exceeding our clients' objectives, becoming synonymous for not only obtaining, but superseding targeted goals and objectives with branding insights and executions that positively impact perception, positioning and earned equity.