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Brand architecture

We are brand alchemists who conceive blueprints that build equity and stretch clients beyond their current state. We offer a hybrid of brand development services that assist in launching, defining, translating, repositioning and accelerating a brand. Our goal is to ensure that we design organic strategies that are in alignment with the client's vision while ensuring from conception to implementation every component is fluid and concise. Whether crafting a marketing plan, aligning partnership opportunities or preparing a media plan, TBA offers in-depth analysis and advisement with specific business objectives in mind. We develop programs that launch, grow or recalibrate a brand's presence and – in both strategy and execution – deliver a distinctive, consistent brand message. At The Britto Agency, we employ progressive strategies that spark brand affinity and global embrace. We are fluent in the language of the consumer which allows us the ability to intimately match our clients' target market needs with the necessary branding principles that will create dynamic results.

Media Relations

We believe the single most important platform in the world is public relations, as it serves as a lightning rod for growth and positioning. Effective public relations campaigns cultivates awareness, and shapes perception, which leads to adoption and assimilation. We craft campaigns that are reflective of a brand's core values and will immerse consumers with memorable brand impressions. The Britto Agency transcends traditional public relation paradigms with our aggressive approach, truthful messaging and original pitching techniques. Our broad and extensive media relationships maximize our clients visibility and positioning. TBA's public relations division specializes in creating masterfully tailored, carefully conceived, and flawlessly executed media-rich campaigns for both individual and corporate clients. Our industry intelligence and TBA's long-standing editorial relationships give clients a considerable advantage in the pursuit of earned media and product placement across print, broadcast and digital channels. We leverage our network of press to execute impactful campaigns in top-tier media outlets across a broad array of categories. The result is increased brand awareness and elevated profile and market dominance. Our genuine and deeply cultivated relationships with media across a multitude of platforms, coupled with a passion for our work, is the hallmark of what we do and the benchmark of our success.

Corporate Communications

The Britto Agency meticulously constructs campaigns which elevate corporate standing, and perception in the public sector as well as among major stakeholders. Our team employs media relations, executive positioning and reputation management to project a company's desired image. TBA offers extensive expertise in minimizing the impact of crises or potentially negative news. We proactively manage sensitive news such as high-profile dismissals, lawsuits and other issues that may damage corporate image.

In addition, we create monumental, brand-specific programs that provide clients with targeted media exposure. Our team of professionals are driven by our creative ability to break through the media clutter with our intellectual insight to deliver consistent, memorable messaging that resonates and sparks positive brand engagement. This, in turn, increases sales, heightens brand awareness, impacts the company's overall image and amplifies loyalty among consumers. This responsibility is derived from the important place that corporations hold within society as employers, wealth creators, service providers, and engines of economic development.

Digital Brand Architects

TBA believes in the importance of translating brand DNA into an authentic digital presence. Our approach to the new media landscape is to stimulate genuine interest and ignite influential brand awareness that transforms an occasional customer into a loyal lifetime consumer. We manage these media platforms as natural extensions of a client's brand. We employ a reciprocating dialogue, inclusive of relationship building with influencers and consumers that all speaks to the brand's unique DNA and posture. The Britto Agency believes the best social media practices are organic and integrate Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising initiatives in a seamless manner. TBA has masterminded clever, potent, viral campaigns that have inspired engagement, increased volume, heightened consumer awareness, frequency and relevancy.

Our digital PR and social media programs help brands bridge the gap between traditional and digital methods. The Britto Agency manages and leverages both on and offline media platforms to further shape the perception of our client's brands. We employ an original and creative aesthetic that translates into unprecedented exposure in non-traditional arenas. Internet, social, and viral marketing have become dominant media forces in capturing key demographics. Based on expansive growth in these sectors, TBA is committed to maximizing client visibility using innovative tactics to gain significant reach. TBA social media experts help clients optimize their online brand experience through direct engagement with high-authority forums including blogs and social networks in order to develop social identity, distribute multimedia content and cultivate online audiences as well as social communities across the globe.

Reputation & Crisis Management

Your reputation is hard earned and should be zealously guarded. Investments must be protected and preserved with diligence. The Britto Agency offers seasoned reputation management that controls, directs and contains sensitive news such as high-profile dismissals, lawsuits, legal cases and other damaging issues that may impact personal or corporate positioning. Our greatest strength lies within our ability to not only navigate clients through the difficult media matrix that can oftentime ensue, but to also craft winning campaigns that allow for a realignment of their brand equity as well as a renewed focus and repositioning of future objectives. Our rapid reaction crisis team is poised to address, rehabilitate and recalibrate public profiles through proven methodologies that aid in shifting the winds of perception. We are deeply cautious and acutely aware that unanswered "bad" news—whether true or false—can inflict long-term damage in a short amount of time on an organization's image or an individual's character. This is why we implement a proactive, rather than reactive, approach by disseminating messaging that is congruent with our client's core character and pedigree. We believe in crafting preemptive strategies of offense versus defense. Our tacticians offer effective counsel to clients who experience difficulty in their professional or personal lives while serving as a safeguard between the client and the media.

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Event Design

The Britto Agency is renowned for orchestrating, producing, and seamlessly executing impactful and memorable events. These flawlessly executed imprints warrant unparalleled media attention. TBA ingeniously designs and executes events ranging from: pop-up environments, ground-breaking ceremonies, merger and acquisition announcements, property unveilings, movie premieres, and product launches, to intimate dinners, philanthropic galas, weddings, and milestone birthday celebrations. All are customized to serve as extensions of brand identity. We hear, we listen and then we execute — always focusing on the personalized details that set our executions apart.

Merging expertise in both creative conception and logistical execution, TBA provides access to coveted brand partners, exclusive venues, VIP hosts and influential attendees. The result is a unique event experience that garners industry and consumer acclaim. Our proactive approach and whatever-it-takes philosophy is why we include many distinguished dignitaries and heads of state, sports stars, Fortune 500 companies and high-profile celebrities among our list of loyal event design clients. What truly separates us in this competitive landscape is our team's dedication to ensuring that every celebration is reflective of the clients personality and taste. We work to deliver a meaningful, memorable and magical experience for guests.

Magnet Engagement

The Britto Agency has its finger on the pulse of progression, thus coining the term "Magnet" -- for our ability to identify and penetrate the thought-leaders and gatekeepers of next. We elevate brand awareness among influential individuals who spark mass adoption worldwide. TBA has the innate ability to identify pioneers who are influencers and are recognized for propelling and shaping the culture that is responsible for conceptualizing and creating contagious adoptive behavior. We then communicate across multiple platforms allowing a confluence of engagement that is unrivaled within our industry. TBA continually cultivating and nurturing a network of individuals who lend cultural and intellectual cachet that influences mass consumer markets. Our access to celebrities, thought-leaders and tastemakers builds client equity that can be leveraged and monetized at an exponential rate.

Brand Development

Today, more than ever, it is imperative that individuals in the public eye have a commendable manner and are both comfortable, as well as prepared to navigate the inevitable situations that will occur as a result of their increased visibility. We at The Britto Agency believe that preparation is key, thus the first step in the process of employing our brand architecture services is the crucial process of brand development. We help shape our clients by incorporating the following elements:

Media Training:

Speaking to members of the print, radio and television media may appear on surface as an effortless act, however, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, many have come to realize that there is an art to effectively communicating with the media; one that takes practice and preparation to master. In one-on-one and/or group media training modules, clients learn the various ways in which journalists operate to secure the story they seek to tell. Clients are guided on how to masterfully portray their story while adding color to ensure the journalist accurately comprehends their message, and can convey it accordingly. Additionally, clients develop invaluable tactics for answering challenging questions with ease. No longer singularly for entertainers, public speaking is a requisite part of today's global media-induced culture. Whether speaking before a large assembly or philanthropic benefit, an awards ceremony, social media platforms or to a bank of media representatives, it is paramount to be preemptive, prepared and clear in your delivery to ensure impactful results.

Creative Development:
First impressions are everlasting. It is important that one's style and physical aesthetic and all tools reflective of such be as finely tuned as one's facility in the above mentioned areas of deportment, public speaking and overall public persona. From that vantage, The Britto Agency skillfully assists in selecting creative partners that will accentuate the client's personal and professional persona and translate it into their defined creative expression.